We deliver world class creative 3d rendering services.

We work with design driven creatives to produce incredible 3d rendering services for our clients in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and world wide. Our extremely talented team of experienced 3d artists are experts in 3d product rendering, architectural 3d rendering, 3d animation and virtual / augmented reality.
Please click on the links below for a detailed analysis on each of our 3d rendering services.

Who We Help


We provide photorealistic 3d rendering services to a variety of creative agencies who partner with us to create high quality CGI for their campaigns. The limitless possibility of 3d rendering allows creative teams to explore and produce stunning 3d imagery with no boundaries.

Architects / Designers

3D rendering has become an integral tool for most designers (architectural and otherwise). We work closely with design teams to bring their visions to life. Having years of experience in the architectural and design industries we are able to seamlessly fit into your workflow and produce architectural 3d renders that highlight your design and excite viewers. 

Property Developers

We work with property developers to create stunning 3d renderings of their project that motivate and impress potential buyers. We create a detailed analysis of your project and work closely with your marketing team so that the 3d renders provide maximum impact and return on investment for your project. 


We connect brands to their customers through high quality CGI 3d rendering. We produce incredibly photorealistic 3d renders that outperform traditional photography methods both in looks and cost. 

Sectors We Work In


We specialise in producing photorealistic 3d product renderings for brands and manufacturers of any type. We help our clients fast track their marketing workflow by providing cost effective and efficient visual assets for their campaigns.  


We work with automotive brands to create highly detailed photoreal 3d renders of vehicles and parts. 3d rendering is the most cost effective solution and provides an incredible return on investment. 


At Harp, we love to work on residential architectural 3d renderings. Our team consists of talented architects and stylists who are passionate about design and style. 


We have worked on multiple commercial projects of varying sizes. From small office fitouts to shopping centres we can create high quality, photorealistic 3d renderings that will deliver results for your project.

Architectural Products

We work with a lot of brands that provide products to the architectural market. Kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows… you name it. Our talented designers can design virtual room sets to cost effectively showcase your products without building a thing.

CGI Furniture

We enjoy working with furniture designers to create photoreal 3d renderings of their products in both studio environments and lifestyle scenes. Our interior designers will create the perfect design to compliment your range.