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We are a CGI Product Visualisation Studio. We specialise in creating pixel perfect, highly detailed, photoreal 3d product renderings.

So, what are the options?

The possibilities of 3d product rendering are virtually limitless as we are not confined to any physical, practical or creative boundaries. The best solution for your product could be any combination of the shots listed below.

Please get in touch with us anytime so we can provide you with a tailored solution optimised to deliver you with the best possible results based on the latest research and data.

The Different Types of 3D Product Renders


Studio Shots

Studio Shots. The backbone of a product marketing campaign. Studio shots are typically a close-up shot of the whole product on a plain white, black or colour background. Studio shots are best suited for online product pages/posts as they have a higher conversion rate than lifestlye shots. For best sales results, recent data suggests that the optimum number of images you should have for each product is 12. Some of the main benefits of 3d rendered studio shots are:

  1. Consistency. Perfectly consistent studio shots across your entire range of products. This adds professionalism and credability to your online store.
  2. Flexibility. There are no limits to what is possible in a virtual studio.
  3. Perfection. No tiny manufacturing imperfections, dirt, dust or fingerprints. Our 3d renders are perfect every time.


Lifestyle Shots

Lifestyle or ‘Insitu’ Shots. This type of 3d product render features your product being used in its intended environment. You should aim to have a mix of studio shots and lifestyle shots for every product you are selling. The main benefits of Lifestyle Shots are:

  1. Creating Desire. Aspirational lifestyle images boost emotional engagement to your product. Emotions are the primary driver behind purchasing decisions. Lifestyle shots help buyers visualise a better life with your product in it. 
  2. Storytelling. Online shoppers want to see your product as part of their daily lives. Storytelling is the most powerful sales tool available. Build a positive narrative around your product by creating lifestyle imagery that tells a small story.
  3. Social Media. Lifestyle shots perform far better than studio shots on social media platforms such as instagram and facebook.


    360 Turntables

    360 Turntables are a series of still images (typically 36) that enable online shoppers to interactively rotate your product 360 degrees to view it from all angles. They are almost always shot in a studio environment (black/white/colour background). According to a recent study by Adobe, 91% of online shoppers want the ability to spin the product 360 degrees. The main benefits of 360 turntables are:

    1. Increased Sales. Products using a 360 turntable have shown a 30% higher conversion rate than those that don’t.
    2. Increased buyer confidence. In an increasingly digital world, the ability to view a product from all angles boosts confidence and increases sales. They help to build trust in your product and your brand.
    3. Display all Features. If your product has important features on multiple sides its important that prospective buyers are able to see those features from all angles.
    4. Reduced Returns. 360 turntables help buyers make informed decisions. This results in lower return rates. 

    < Try it. Click and drag on the headphones.



    3D Product Colourways show your product in all available colours and finishes in a perfectly seamless and comparable set of images. These help your buyers compare all the options and select their preferred colours/finishes before purchasing. The main benefits of 3d product colourways are:

    1. Choice. Show your customers their choices. Having multiple colour/finish options builds confidence and trust in your product and brand.
    2. Increased Engagement. The ability to click or scroll through multiple colourways increases engagement and interest in your product.
    3. Competitive Advantage. Communicating to your customer that you have multiple colour options makes you a more trusted and preferred option than a competitor who doesn’t display colour options.


    Studio Pack Shots

    3D Product Packshots show your product and packaging in one image. Typically the product is positioned infront of the packaging and is shot in a studio environment (black/white/colour background). The main benefits of 3d product packshots are:

    1. Trust. Packshots show potential buyers everything they are buying. This shows transparency and builds trust.
    2. Brand Recognition. Quality packshots will position the branding on your packaging centrally in the image. This helps associate the product with a brand and builds brand recognition.


    Feature Close-Ups

    A Feature Shot is a close-up image of a specific feature of your product. These can be shot in a 3d studio environment or in a lifestyle insitu scene. The main benefits of feature shots are:

    1. They allow shoppers to see close-up detail of features that they are interested in. This builds confidence in your product and will increase sales.
    2. They provide additional visual information which helps shoppers understand how a product works or what a specific feature does.


    Group Shots

    Group shots are when you lay out all the products that come in the box or all of the products in a particular range. Think of these as more of an informational image as they provide vital answers to questions such as ‘what do I actually get when I buy this?’ or ‘what comes in the box?’. Group shots are typically shot in a studio environment. The main benefits of groups shots are:

    1. They provide valuable information. They show people exactly what they are buying.
    2. They demonstrate value. An image showing all the accessories that might come with a product demonstrates value to the buyer which will increase sales.


    Technical Visualisation

    Technical Visualisations are images which illustrate function. They often use graphics overlayed on top of the render to visually demonstrate a particular feature. The main benefits of technical visualisations are:

    1. Ability to demonstrate internal non visible features of the product.
    2. Images that would be impossible to create using traditional photography methods are relatively simple in CGI. 
    3. A great way of explaining certain features or functions in a simple visual way.
    harp collective 3d product rendering technical visual


    3D Animation

    3D Animation is a photo-real video of your product. It can be set within a studio environment or in a lifestyle setting. As a content marketing tool, nothing beats a high quality video. On Instagram, video posts have the highest overall engagement rate (38% higher than image posts). Videos also receive over double the amount of comments. Videos should be short (less than 1 minute) and should be on-brand. At Harp, we study statistics and trends to build high quality videos that provide the best performance for our clients. The main benefits of 3d animation are:

    1. Engagament. High quality 3d animation is the ultimate medium for driving engagament to your product or brand.
    2. Narrative. The unique ability of film/3d animation to tell a story and build a narrative creates a huge range of possibilities for marketers to reach their audience and build a following.



    We create bespoke virtual bathroom sets to display any form of bathroom product imaginable. The main benefits of bathroom product 3d renderings are:

    1. Cost. To physically build a bathroom in order to get nice product shots is expensive and wasteful. A 3d rendered  scene is a fraction of the price and is environmentally friendly.
    2. Ultimate Flexibility. Every single aspect of a 3d scene can be changed instantly to achieve a different look and feel.
    3. Speed. A CGI bathroom set can be completed within days. To physically build the same bathroom would take weeks. 



    Whether its individual kitchen products such as mixer taps, appliances and sinks or entire kitchen designs, the value of high quality product imagery to your marketing campaign is immense. Harp specialise in creating on-trend, pixel perfect product renders for any kitchen design. The main benefits of 3d kitchen product renders are:

    1. Cost. To physically build a kitchen and organise a photoshoot in order to get quality product shots is expensive and wasteful. A 3d rendered  scene is a fraction of the price and is environmentally friendly.
    2. Ultimate Flexibility. Every single aspect of a 3d scene can be changed instantly to achieve a different look and feel.
    3. Speed. A CGI kitchen set can be completed within days. To physically build the same kitchen would take weeks. 



    Finding the perfect space for your furniture product photography can be extremely difficult. And even if you do find the right space, you’d need to hire it out, get all your furniture there, hire a photographer and a stylist and hope for good lighting on the day! The logistics and expense are prohibitive. The main benefits of furniture 3d product renderings are:

    1. Simplicity. Just call us. We’ll do everything else.
    2. Cost. Far more cost effective than a traditional photo shoot.
    3. Locations are Limitless. We can create any scene imaginable to showcase your designs.
    Our 3D Product Rendering Showreel

    harp collective 3d product rendering CGI cruise ship balcony daybed

    What are the Benefits of 3D Product Renderings as Opposed to Traditional Photography?

    The answer to this question is too long to answer here so we’ve written a more informative article here.

    But in a nutshell, 3d Product Renders:

    Are Significantly More Cost Effective

    Are Faster and More Efficient to Create

    Allow for more flexibility 

    Allow Complete Control over every element

    Provide Supreme Convenience

    Are Environmentally Friendly

    harp 3d product rendering of a marble bedroom side table with husk bed and black metal pendant light

    Harp go next level. Our point of difference:

    At Harp we like to take things a step further. We are passionate about creating incredible visuals to help our clients achieve their goals. Some of the next level things that we do:

    We analyse data and statistics and use it to inform the way that we create images. We blend science and creativity to achieve incredible results for our clients. 

    We study detail. We examine light and surfaces at a micro scale to ensure we recreate pixel perfect, physically acurate, photo-real scenes and accessories.

    We use photo-scanned textures which capture intricate surface details. 

    We have a fully equipped virtual photography studio with countless combinations of high quality lights and cameras. 

    We have an extremely passionate, dedicated and experienced team of creative professionals at your disposal for every project.

    We have developed a series of complex systems and processes to ensure that we maintain an incredibly high level of quality control on every image that we work on. 


    What documents / info will I need to provide?

    Once you have briefed us in on your project and we have decided to work together, we will provide you with a document checklist which will outline all the necessary documents we require in order to complete the project. Or you can download our standard architectural checklist here and our product visualisation checklist here.

    I have a really tight deadline, can you fast track my project?

    Priority Delivery can be accomodated by way of a shortened project timeline or a priority commencement date. The fee applicable is an additional 30% of the total invoice plus GST. Let us know when your ‘drop dead deadline’ is and we will assess the project and let you know whats possible. 

    How many sets of revisions do I get?

    Harp DOES NOT count revisions – we will keep working on your project until you are 100 percent happy with it. However, the following circumstances may incur additional fees:

    1. Design Changes – any design-based changes past the scope of the information originally provided at the date of quotation may incur additional fees.
    2. Incorrect, inaccurate or outdated documentation – any documents provided by the client (such as 3d models, drawings, schedules, mark-ups) that are incorrect, inaccurate or outdated that result in additional time spent by Harp correcting them, may incur additional fees.
    3. Missing documentation – if a client is unable to provide all relevant documents from the ‘Project Document Checklist’ (found on quotation) that are required to complete the visuals and Harp is required to create their own design, any revisions to Harp’s initial design may incur additional fees.
    4. Any changes to camera angles/position that result in significant additional time spent working on the project may incur additional fees.
    5. Any feedback/tweaks/changes required by the client after viewing preview/draft images issued by Harp, must be communicated to Harp before the next set of previews are issued. Any feedback that is held back that could have been given in an earlier revision may incur additional fees.
    6. Any revisions requested after the final high resolution imagery has been issued may incur additional fees.

    Harp’s revision fees are charged at the hourly rate of $180/hr.

    What resolution do you provide final imagery at?

    We typically provide still images at ultra high 5000px resolution (approx 300dpi printed at A3) in both TIFF and JPEG format. And we typically provide film/animation at full HD (1920x 1080). Higher resolutions can be provided on request, just let us know what you need at the beginning of the project. 

    Do you outsource any / part of your projects?

    Absolutely NOT. Unlike many other CGI studios, 100% percent of every project that we work on is completed by our dedicated, inhouse team. 

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