Harp* is a visual communication studio. We are a collective of artists, designers and storytellers with a shared desire to craft stunning visuals that engage and inspire.

Obsessive Compulsive

We believe in careful planning and detailed analysis. We rely on systematic process and meticulous attention to detail. We are fastidious (probably bordering on OCD). This is our condition. Our methodical workflow is the rail that keeps our creativity on track.  The most successful images are those that tell a story. They evoke emotion. We are experts in visual storytelling.  

Imagery Designed

Like an architect designs a building, truly effective imagery must also be designed. Precise and deliberate. Structured and composed. We are expert imagery designers.


Harp is not a typical 3d visualisation studio. We are not jacks of all trades. One single 3d artist does not complete a project from start to finish. The creation of stunning marketing imagery is a multi-disciplinary process that is far too complex for any one person to fully master. Each discipline is a career in itself… photography, styling, modelling, animation, lighting, re-touching. 

We believe that to achieve exceptional results we must specialise. We have assembled a team of brilliant, passionate and experienced designers, photographers, stylists, modellers, lighting artists, surfacing artists, animators and re-touchers. Each one is an expert in their field. We utilise this combined skill throughout each stage of every project to deliver incredible results for our clients. 

Studio Snapshot


Our team boasts decades of experience across multiple creative industries from many parts of the globe. Combined we form a collective of talent and passion always looking to learn and grow.


Our standards are extremely high. We deliver world class visualisation consistently. We have numerous quality control measures to ensure our exceptional standards are met. Every. Single. Time. 


Everything we do at Harp is designed to make the process of delivering high performance visuals to our wonderful clients as simple, efficient and enjoyable as possible. To us, the journey is as important as the destination. 


We have our very own on-site dedicated render farm which enables us to render at warp speed. This enables us to offer faster turnaround times for our clients as well as a real-time visual workflow for our team.


For ultimate efficiency and client experience we use a dedicated online image review app that provides a centralised space for real-time feedback, mark-ups and comments. Its the fastest and most effective way of collaborative communication.


At Harp, we use statistics and data to engineer high performance visuals that deliver results for our clients. We analyse every detail of a project in order to create a comprehensive strategy designed to give you the competitive advantage. 


Unlike many other CGI studios, 100% of every project that we work on is completed by our dedicated, inhouse team. We never outsource anything. We take our quality control too seriously for that.


The Harp workplace is committed to being a paperless workplace, reducing energy consumption, recycling and encouraging sustainable transportation. 


We thrive on organisation. Nerdy? Yes. But supreme organisation coupled with extreme creativity enables a beautiful synchronicity that results in remarkable imagery… which is what we live for.

The Collective

Nick Martin
Nick Martin

Creative Director

Daniel Soos
Daniel Soos

3D Artist, Lead Modeller

Anna Harris
Anna Harris

Interior Design & Styling

Sam Landa
Sam Landa

3D Artist

Roberto Brichese
Roberto Brichese

3D Artist


Crotch Sniffer

Customer Experience

We have worked extremely hard to make every touchpoint in your journey with us as smooth, efficient and enjoyable as possible. We know your time is valuable so we have designed an efficient and effective workflow where every interaction you have with us is tailored to your prefered way of working… pen and paper or strictly digital. We have developed tools that will save you time and will ensure that communication between all parties is open, organised, efficient and effective.

We truly believe that your success is our success. We love what we do and we thoroughly enjoy every step in the process and hope that you will too.


What documents / info will I need to provide?

Once you have briefed us in on your project and we have decided to work together, we will provide you with a document checklist which will outline all the necessary documents we require in order to complete the project. Or you can download our standard architectural checklist here and our product visualisation checklist here.

I have a really tight deadline, can you fast track my project?

Priority Delivery can be accomodated by way of a shortened project timeline or a priority commencement date. The fee applicable is an additional 30% of the total invoice plus GST. Let us know when your ‘drop dead deadline’ is and we will assess the project and let you know whats possible. 

How many sets of revisions do I get?

Harp DOES NOT count revisions – we will keep working on your project until you are 100 percent happy with it. However, the following circumstances may incur additional fees:

  1. Design Changes – any design-based changes past the scope of the information originally provided at the date of quotation may incur additional fees.
  2. Incorrect, inaccurate or outdated documentation – any documents provided by the client (such as 3d models, drawings, schedules, mark-ups) that are incorrect, inaccurate or outdated that result in additional time spent by Harp correcting them, may incur additional fees.
  3. Missing documentation – if a client is unable to provide all relevant documents from the ‘Project Document Checklist’ (found on quotation) that are required to complete the visuals and Harp is required to create their own design, any revisions to Harp’s initial design may incur additional fees.
  4. Any changes to camera angles/position that result in significant additional time spent working on the project may incur additional fees.
  5. Any feedback/tweaks/changes required by the client after viewing preview/draft images issued by Harp, must be communicated to Harp before the next set of previews are issued. Any feedback that is held back that could have been given in an earlier revision may incur additional fees.
  6. Any revisions requested after the final high resolution imagery has been issued may incur additional fees.

Harp’s revision fees are charged at the hourly rate of $180/hr.

What resolution do you provide final imagery at?

We typically provide still images at ultra high 5000px resolution (approx 300dpi printed at A3) in both TIFF and JPEG format. And we typically provide film/animation at full HD (1920x 1080). Higher resolutions can be provided on request, just let us know what you need at the beginning of the project. 

Do you outsource any / part of your projects?

Absolutely NOT. Unlike many other CGI studios, 100% percent of every project that we work on is completed by our dedicated, inhouse team. 


We are always on the lookout for talented creatives to join the collective. If you are passionate about what you do and would like to work with us please email your CV and portfolio to hello@harpcollective.com.au

Terms & Conditions

You can view our full terms and conditions here.